Will Scolari Hire Professor Brandao?

If you are wondering who Professor Brandao is, then let me tell you she is a Sports psychologist. She is currently Professor of Sports Psychology at the University of Sao Judas Tadeu, Sao Paolo. She's also the Vice-president of the Brazilian Society of Sports Psychology. What brings her into the picture is the fact that she has worked for Scolari when he was in charge of Brazil's and Portugal's national teams.

Professor Brandao told the Telegraph that she doesnt know whether the newly-appointed Chelsea manager will require psychological profiles of his squad at Stamford Bridge ahead of the 2008-2009 Premiership campaign. "Luiz Scolari has not spoken to me about Chelsea – he is completely focused on the Euro 2008 tournament, but I am sure we will have discussions when it is over,"She explained. She had also worked on the players from J-League and Columbia previosly.

Chelsea has players from over four continents and Professor Brandao opined she would be delighted to work in Chelsea. Studying the psyche of the English soccer professional is something she always wanted to do. We have evry reason to believe Scolari might want her services because Scolari is someone who gets his strength from knowing his players very well. A psychological anlysis of the players would prepare him well for dealing with them. Scolari is likely to work with the players for some time before bringing Professor Brandao into the equation.

To all the rival fans thinking about leaving a funny comment here, let me tell you that Arsenal as well as United have used sports psychologists before. United had once hired Bill Beswick to do a similar job. I have been keeping quiet about the Ronaldo-Madrid saga. But now suddenly I found a video which tells everything I wanted to say. Check out the video here.



26 June 2008 at 20:22

I don't see why a rival fan would want to leave a funny comment about Chelsea getting a sports psychologist. I mean, it makes sense to do all you can to understand your players better.

Thanks for sharing that link to the video. It was bloody hilarious. :D