So Near, Yet So Far...

I had decided not to write about the last match of EPL because it was so disappointing and I wanted to forget it and concentrate on what's happening in Moscow in a week's time. But then after seeing the repeat telecast again this morning, I thought I should write something.

The match began with hope but ended in despair. I kept telling myself that Sir Alex is not stupid enough to drop points against Wigan but the other half of my brain kept telling that miracles do happen. After the Giggs goal, the fans were happy that atleast its goal difference that keeps United on top and that is something to be happy about on that gloomy evening. But Alex and Co. had other ideas. The injury to John Terry came as another blow. Club sources say he has a partially dislocated shoulder and Terry says he'll be there for the final.

Gary Megson's side was in no mood to roll over, like Steve Bruce's side at the JJB. Both sides showed Curbishley how his team should have approached their game a week ago. Joe Cole was working wonders on the right flank but the final cross was almost always disappointing. Grant replaced Claude Makelele with Shevchenko at the start of the second half. When he scored, it looked like another of Grant's substitutions had done the job for him. But Bolton took advantage of Chelsea, who had already conceded defeat after hearing the second United goal and Davies would have specially thanked Alex for his contribution.

Cech was not in any sort of form that day, though he had put on an outfit that could blind any rushing attacker. That explains why Bolton could score when the box was crowded because Davies wouldn't have seen Cech through the crowd. Essien and Ballack played well and so did Joe. That's why I was surprised when he was taken off and Mikel was introduced. That negative substitution backfired on Grant. The defense looked vulnerable without Terry and Carvalho but that shouldn't be an excuse for yet another late goal by the opposition.

I'll be back soon with more Champions League news and till then read about Chelsea's news signing. Jose Bosingwa.