Trnasfer Talk - Schweinsteiger | Lampard | Sidwell

EspnStar reports Chelsea boss Luiz Felipe Scolari is ready to splash the roubles by making Bastian Schweinsteiger his first signing. His exploits in the quarter finals had undone Scolari's Portugal. Bastian also had opined that he wanted to play in England. His first team playing opportunities in Bayern are limited due to the presence of Ribery. He would be a perfect replacement for Malouda but he is also linked with Arsenal. Will he follow his captain Ballack's footsteps? Recalling the fact that even Ballack took time to adjust to English football, will lesser beings like Schweinsteiger be able to cope with Premier League is a different question.

Meanwhile there reports that Jose Mourinho has come back early from holiday in order to personally lead Inter’s pursuit of Frank Lampard. The Sun is reporting that Mourinho arrived in Milan's Malpensa airport last night, a full five days before he was scheduled back from Portugal. Inter's 6.6 million bid was reportedly rejected by Chelsea last week. I would rather believe Mourinho has cut short his holiday because he has been jobless for months and would be raring to do something. Please don't go Frank...

The Sidwell deal to Aston Villa is stalled because Sidwell, on £50,000-a-week at Stamford Bridge, is demanding the three years remaining on his contract be paid out. A fee of £5.5 million is said to have been agreed between Chelsea and Aston Villa. Sidwell is to get a £35,000-a-week deal, much less that what he got at Bridge. He's is also in Mark Hughes' radar. Villa, on the other hand want him as a replacement to Gareth Barry. Martin O'Neil is also interested in Spurs man Pascal Chimbonda.

Meanwhile Goal reports that Liverpool and United have joined Chelsea in their pursuit to sign Netherlands' Van der Vaart. Van der Wart would be an ideal replacement in case Lamaprd leaves but someone said Deco is already in Scolari's pocket. The line between what to believe and what not to believe has become non-existant, as in every transfer window opeing.

So, talking about something not related to transfers, Luiz Felipe Scolari says he does not like to be called 'Big Phil'. "I might find it hard adapting to the ways of football in England, to the rain, and maybe to the food. But I will do it. But I don't want to see my name spelled with a 'Ph', I want to see it spelled with an F. It is Felipe, not Phil. I will not allow anyone in England or anywhere else to change my name."
Then so be it Big Ph....err.. Mr.Scolari !!