What's Happening After Moscow

It seems ridiculous that the difference between historic triumph and aching disappointment was a wet pitch and a penalty slip. United will not be queried when people look at the record books, how close they came to finishing the season without a bean will not be recollected; they are champions of Europe and England and Sir Alex moves closer to the summit of sporting achievement.This makes it defeat even more painful.

It takes time to recover from the mental blow that we received but the best way to forget it is to look ahead with hope and to participate in all the transfer rumors going on. And an article saying that the general feeling across the continent is that Chelsea were the better team on that night makes me feel a lot better. And it also specially mentions the contributions of Cech and Lampard. Petr Cech believes there is only one way to get over this disappointment and that is to get back in the final as soon as possible and win it.

Meanwhile Telegraph reports that Avram Grant will be replaced as Chelsea manager within the next few days. No source mentioned. A comprehensive clear-out would leave Henk ten Cate and Steve Clarke, the assistant coaches, unemployed along with Grant. I would hope that Grant goes, because there's no doubt he has been good, but we need better managers. Inter Milan's Roberto Mancini is considered as one of the front-runners for Grant's job, as of now. Grant maybe made the 'Director of Football' the post he occupied prior to being manager.

Meanwhile Anelka blames Grant for bringing him on late in the match. This puts additional pressure on the manager. Grant's only mistake has been signing Anelka in January. He has leaped to my bad books with his statements and attitude and is likely to leap away from the Bridge. The ex Blues skipper Terry Venables is predicting a summer clearout at the club, which will inevitably lead to instability in is view. It remains to be seen if Anelka is a part of the of this clear out.

On the transfer front, Chelsea have planned a meeting with Drogba where his future will be decided. Chelsea wants him to stay, according to Bruce Buck. Busk doesn't think there would be massive changes in Chelsea. The club will also try to convince Frank Lampard to commit his future to the club by ensuring that everything is done by the Club so that Lampard's contract is extended. It expires within an year and Lampard is linked with a move to Juventus. There are also reports that Chelsea have made a £28 million bid for Robinho. According to his agent the figure is £35 million. Milan is also said to be interested in the Brazilian winger.

On top of all that John Terry suffered this week, he may be subjected to a UEFA study of his clash with Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez immediately after Didier Drogba's red card in the final. There were reports that Terry actually spat Tevez during that row. I have seen the videos and it seems Tevez was just wiping the water on his jersey. Or else, Tevez would have shown any sort of emotion in his face. He just walks off. Here's the link. John Terry would never do such a thing and he shouldn't be dragged to such controversies.



24 May 2008 at 21:28

As I am a fan of neither team I find it painful to admit it, but yes... both teams have played exceptional football throughout the season.

I can't say with the same conviction about the rest of the season, but I agree Chelsea were the better side in the Moscow clash. And I'd definitely have preferred Chelsea winning the Cup than ManU.