God With The Devils

Joy for Red devils, heartbreak for Blues , great football for neutrals. If there are Gods, I think they don't care about football. Life isn't fair. It was so, so near and now it is so far again. If only my captain had not slipped... Didn’t the look on Terry’s face say it all?

To outperform our opponents, to repeatedly hit the woodwork, to let them win on penalties and that too by luck alone, and lose this cup that we deservedly earned the right to hoist makes it all the more distressing. It is just another loss from a statistical point of view, but mentally it was a large blow. And on top of all this, to think how over beloved captain must be feeling makes it worser. With thousands of fans around him, all the players and coaching staff near him, he still would have been the loneliest man on earth that night.

Even if he a fails to convert a thousand penalties, we'll always be with our captain, Mr.Cheslea. Because we know he would have been the happiest man if we had won it. Because we know he would come back harder and stronger next time. Because we know it requires immense courage to step up for a penalty, being a center-back. Because we know as much as ours, it was his dream that was broken ruthlessly by footballing Gods.

On paper, it would just be recorded as a season without any trophy, a series of almost, so-close, and not-enough performances. But looking beyond all that, the season has been magnificent. History has a cruel way of remembering the champions only, but I'm sure the true Blue's will never forget how fiercely we fought, how bravely we played, how cruelly fate defeated our heroes.

When Mourinho left and the club was down, when an ordinary man replaced the 'Special One', all we expected was a season where we'll try to stay somewhere in the top. Instead Manchester United were chased all the way in the EPL and and required all the luck in the world in UCL. If only Mike Dean and Steve Bennett weren't FA referees, if only Curbishley was a man, if only Lubos Michel had spotted Ferdinand tripping Malouda inside the area or seen him climb on Joe Cole's shoulders when he was through on goal, if only Terry held his footing for one quarter of a second longer....

To all the United fans , old and May21st additions, currently bragging about how deservedly you won along with the clueless media, you'll never accept that we played better on that luckless night in Moscow, that you won by default because we didn't. But remember an old saying that goes like this "Never confuse 'winning' with 'victory". Congrats.

Chelsea flag flies high. After all, there is no better trophy to hoist.