UCL - One Long Day To Go

With just 1 more day to go, for the finals, the tension is beginning to build for the players, and the fans too. The players are responding by making all sorts of comments, and fans by writing about these. So here it goes...

Captain John Terry believes victory in Moscow would boost his credentials for the England captaincy. Terry lost the armband when Capello took charge of the national team this year, with the Italian rotating his captains before settling on a permanent skipper for the start of next season's World Cup qualifiers. Terry will have a straight fight against Ferdinand lining up against him in Moscow. Guardian runs a story on both of them, and another article comparing both defenses. The Chelsea center-backs get 88.5/100 and United 88/100. So, not much difference there.

"We are a better side than Chelsea. That is a psychological problem for them", says Carlos Tevez. This is his Argentine way of pressurizing the opponents I guess. There is surely more pressure on Chelsea but him saying that United are a better side after what happened on April 26 is ridiculous. He could've come up with something better than that. Fergie surely must have something better than that up his sleeves. Meanwhile Carrick thinks the stage is set for Cristiano Ronaldo to perform. Maybe he wants Ronaldo to do something about his 'big-match-choker' tag.

Salamon Kalou, who is having a contest with Malouda for the left wing role says Vidic could be a weakness after his recent injuries and he hasn't played a lot. Kalou has a point but the same applies to Terry too, though he has missed only the Bolton match after his comeback. Makalele is disappointed about disregard for his efforts in England and hopes that winning in Moscow would change that. He is fighting for the 'Makalele position' with Mikel, and I believe he will get a place in the eleven tomorrow. Belletti, who won the trophy before, also makes his feelings known before the final

And finally, the most interesting article I came across today. Interest is not a synonym of happiness. So, Petr Cech will appear in his bright orange outfit for the finals. On seeing his flashy outfit against Bolton, the first thing I told my friend sitting near me was "Hunt probably knocked out all sense of beauty from poor Petr". But Cech explains that it is to confuse the strikers and that any attacker shooting the ball would go for the bright spot (That's him) by instinct. If that's the case and Rooney and Co. can indeed be fooled, well and good, I'll close my eyes when the ball is in the Blues penalty area, by instinct.