UCL Final Countdown - 2 Days To Go

The referee who awarded Luis García's highly-controversial winner for Liverpool against Chelsea in the 2005 Champions League semi-final, Lubos Michel, will take charge of Wednesday's final in Moscow. Oh no Ref, not again this season. Let's pray he doesn't try emulating Mike Dean or a Steve Bennett. But history says otherwise. Luck will be an important factor in any knockout tournament and I hope Lubos has evolved into a better referee. Slovak refereeing team will be in charge on Wednesday.

The 40-year-old Slovakian is regarded as one of the top referees in the world, however, and is highly experienced having officiated at both Euro 2004 and the 2006 World Cup, as well as the 2003 Uefa Cup final. His assistants will be Roman Slysko and Martin Balko, the same assistant referees who have accompanied him at his major tournaments. The fourth official will be Vladimir Hrinak, also of Slovakia.

Micheal Ballack, who lost once in the Champions League finals when he was with Leverkusen is determined to win it this time, That luckless year, Leverkusen also surrendered the league even after having a five point lead with 3 games to go. Ballack says this trophy would erase the pain of his worst season. After his recent performances, we certainly know 'Ze German' can bring the trophy to London.

Meanwhile Rooney speaks of the pain he experienced when Liverpool won the UCL back in 2005. Rooney is keen to make sure he doesn't experience the pain again, now that they are so near. Rooney also makes it a point to call Drogba's temperament into question. Vidic, on his part, also mentions that Drogba is a diver, not as straight as that, but we know what the Serb is saying. Vidic would have to match his game to his words now to stop Didier. Time will tell if it was a mistake from the Serbian, because Rafa made a similar comment before the semis and Drogba ended his trophy dreams in style. Read the full story here.

I wonder what Vidic would have told Ronaldo if he was in the opposition team. With the greatest diver of EPL in their team, maybe they should shut up and concentrate on the job. Go on Vidic, tell Didier he's an African bulldozer who can't score a goal and it would be better for him to quit football and join WWE. And after you made all the comments, ask Rafa an opinion about this.

According to Petr Cech, fans only remember champions. He says that if we play beautiful football all season and doesn't win a trophy, no one will remember the feat (A dig at Arsenal?). He says he'll gladly sacrifice entertainment for effectiveness on the UCL night. He adds up his comments with the assurance that he's not leaving the great club and that there's no better place to go. Kalou may not start the match but he hope's Drogba and Terry are fit for the big match.

Guardian comes up with a story regarding the Westham boys in the final. Joe Cole, Carrick, Ferdinand, Lampard and Terry are the Westham boys playing in this grand finale. Read the full story about the old boys' reunion here.


  Shantharam Shenoy K

19 May 2008 at 22:13

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  Shantharam Shenoy K

19 May 2008 at 22:34

well the players should know betr not to go talking about things that dont bother them..only concentrate on your game fellows...well talking abt the match well thats gonna be a thriller of a match probably the best match of the season..

May the best team win and i hope the best team will be Manchester United.. Enjoy..


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