Tranfer News - Carvalho To Leave?

Ricardo Carvalho says he expects a lot of transfers at the Bridge this season (that we know) and that he might be one among the players leaving the club (surprise!). It is said that the Portuguese center back, 30 on Sunday, is contracted until 2012 after signing a five-year extension about 12 months ago, yet he may seek to follow Jose Mourinho when the former Chelsea manager returns to work, most likely in Italy, this summer.

The club will be keen to keep Carvalho because he has been our most consistent defender and it will be hard to replace him. He held the defense together in the absence of Terry and he is arguably one of the players of the season. This is what Ricky said about his transfer prospects, "I don't know yet. I do have a contract. You have to be prepared because when it's like this, someone goes, someone stays, someone comes in." I wouldn't dare to read between the lines. Carvalho is also a player who has the experience of winning the European Cup final with Porto in 2004.

There are also rumors that Chelsea will bid for Deco after the Catalan giants have decided to sell him. I can't see the logic or need behind the signing of another attacking midfielder. Newcastle is also reported to be keen to avail the services of the Portuguese international. Meanwhile another Portuguese dropped a bombshell in Manchester saying he don't know about his future after the Champions League final. And guess who? Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid is chasing Ronaldo and rumors are that Ronaldo has always wanted to play for the Spanish giants.

There are also reports from various sources that Anelka might move away from the Bridge though the decision will largely depend on the future of Drogba. The Frenchman had a lack of playing opportunities - and when they did come, they were out of position on the wing since his arrival in the January. Tottenham are looking for a replacement in case Berbatov decides that he is destined for more glory. Milan is also said to be interested in the French ace.

Grant declined to comment on the future of current players or on the arrival of Bosingwa, when questioned at the club's pre-Champions League gathering this week. "I will speak about this after the final," he said. "But I can assure you Chelsea will continue to be a good team, even next year." Whether he will be a part of that good team is another question, and fodder for another post.



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