Lampard Signs New Contract | Lampard Interview

Lampard's contract talks and Mourinho's tatcics to lure the midfiledler away was a topic of much speculation for about two months. Yesterday the Club made an announcement declaring that Frank Lampard has signed a new five-year deal which will keep him at the club until 2013.

Lampard was a offered a 4 year deal at first as his contract was due to expire at the end of the 2008/09 season. But Frank wanted a five year contract and remained adamant about it, a stand which earned him no friends except in Milan. The Official site says Lampard's dedication to the Club is unquestionable, and the fans surely saw glimpses of that. Glimpses of something that said a lot about dedication and loyalty to the Club, something that will require a lot more badge-kissing if it is to be healed.

I don't know why the Lampard contract renewal was material for 'World Exclusive' when Cech's or Essien's contract renewal were just ordinary affairs of the Club. Didn't Essien too have good relations with Mourinho? But we never saw him using that as a smokescreen for getting a new contract. Maybe the Club feels Frank is bigger than them, but no amounts of badge-kissing will make the fans accept that. But having said all that, Frank Lampard is still one of my favorite players and will remain so. Lets take a look at his interview after he signed the new contract.

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