The Search For Manager Continues

The search for a new manager is still going on while Roman seems to be enjoying himself buying art pieces in the Switzerland. Yesterday the most talked about contenders for the post of manager were Mancini and Rijkaard, while today all the major newspapers and sites report that Scolari has made himself available after the Euro, and will make any further decisions only after the mega event.

The Sun reported yesterday that with all the options fading away, Rijkaard and Mancini remain the likely candidates. Former Blackburn boss Mark Hughes has opted to join Manchester City, while perennial favourite Guus Hiddink is likely to continue coaching Russia until after the 2010 World Cup. Carlo Ancelotti’s announcement that he will stay with AC Milan while his counterpart in Roma, Luciano Spalletti distanced himself from the Blues job. His agent, Vlado Lemic, is understood to have held informal talks with Chelsea officials in Paris. However, the 49-year-old manager has since made it clear privately that he does not wish to proceed with discussion. Chelsea doesn't seem to be keen on Marcello Lippi, considering the language barrier.

Bruce Buck, the club's chairman, flew to Milan and this lead to widespread specualtion regarding the appointment of Mancini. Bruce said that we are close to signing a new manager. It is understood Chelsea plan talks with both Mancini and former Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard early next week and that an appointment could follow before next weekend. Mancini, has been caught up in a police investigation regarding phone calls supposedly made to a known drug dealer. Rijkaard too is facing personal problems but he still remains a favorite with Abramovic and his advisers.

The Portugal coach Scolari said that he will announce a decision on his future when his contract expires at the end of the tournament but implied that he is willing to negotiate with potential suitors while it is taking place. This is a welcome sign for Chelsea, but Scolari said he is to concentrate on Euro now and also added that he is keeping his options open. The Guardian also carries the same story, according to which Scolari wants Chelsea to wait till Euro gets over so that he can sonsider the approach made. Scolari and Hiddink are my personal favorites for the job, and since Hiddink has already ruled himself out of any possibility, I hope Scolari is the man.


  Comfortably Numb

7 June 2008 at 11:41

I just hope that the ex barca manager ends up at chelsea...He's just too good:)
And yea Other than scolari...All are losers!



7 June 2008 at 11:45

@comfortably numb:
The CV of men like Mancini and Lippi wouldn't suggest they are losers. :P


7 June 2008 at 12:06

hmmm its good dude

btw its all of football ....y not other sports ..i mean cricket,hockey ...btw its nice and useful for footy fans

search for manager
btw dont u think if a county team doesnt plays well they remove their coaches ...i mean i have seen this with manu and other teams ....thats sick rite ........its really good

  tanuj lakhina

7 June 2008 at 12:49

I still think Rjikaard would be a great prospect but with the inclusion of Scolari it does become interesting.
Scolari does have more experience than Rjikaard but what puts Rjikaard in a better place for me would be that he's managed club side whereas Scolari managed national sides which don't get the same amount of time and attention as clubs which play for a longer time do.
Especially when he's managed a club like Barcelona which is a huge club and just like Chelsea,its fan also are impatient and want to win all the competitions.


7 June 2008 at 14:41

Changing the managers often is not good for the club, but then we have to change the managers who are not good for the club. Right?

Both are great coaches. Rijkaard may have more experience coaching a big club and more experience in Europe. But Scolari is a great manager too. I believe he is better than Rijkaard in man management, which is important for us, with so many stars.


7 June 2008 at 15:01

I am all for Scolari man!! :)

  tanuj lakhina

7 June 2008 at 16:43

In no way do Portugal have more stars than what Chelsea does.Maybe now with the Ronaldo who has been hyped to a huge dgeree.
If man management is the case then even the likes of Vicente Del Bosque,former Real Madrid manager who had the "Galacticos" or then by Capello or Lippi who threw out many important figures from Italian National side.