Chelsea vs Arsenal

Chelsea have become a more attacking side since Grant replaced the 'Special One' as coach in September last year. But in attempting to play fast-flowing football, Grant's side has become less than impressive in defence. The matches have become more tensed and beautiful, beautiful from a neutral point of view.

But this time Grant will have to get his team selection and substitutions right as Chelsea get ready for another London derby, this one important for both teams in view of title challenge. The most important question being asked is whether Grant will play Makalele, who has been playing well whole season or Essien, who has played well last match. Others will select themselves based on current form.

Chelsea are unbeaten in their last six home games having won four of them. Overall, they are unbeaten in any of their last six games, but the 4-4 draw at Spurs might will feel like a defeat. To draw a game in which you have been 1-0, 3-1 and 4-3 up could have a seriously demoralising effect. Likewise, Arsenal are unbeaten in their last six away games winning three of them. Overall, they have won only two of their last six in the league and are currently on a sequence of four draws. Unlike the other big game this weekend, neither of these teams will be approaching the game in particularly confident mood.

Guess at the team:
Ferreira, Terry, Carvalho, Cole
Makalele, Lampard, Ballack
J.Cole, Drogba, Kalou
subs: Cidicini, Anelka, Alex, Essien, Mikel

Referee: Mark Clattenburg.

TV Timings:
2125 ESPN(IST), 20/03/08.

Scoreline prediction:3-1